Welcome to Mr Waring's Computer Science website. This site it designed to help you through the 2015/2016 Cambridge IGCSE in Computer Science.

Use the menu on the left to navigate your way through the site. The buttons which start with a number 1 are for section 1 of the Course. This is the theory section which is a written exam on what is covered in the unit. The buttons which start with a number 2 are for section two. This is the problem solving and programming section which is also assessed in an exam, but one in which the student must use pseudocode and other stated methods to solve given problems.

Click on the Links and Resources button for helpful links, including a link to the official Cambridge IGCSE Computer Science website where you will find the specification and previous exam materials.

Each section generally contains a detailed description of the relevent theory required for the course. As some of the articles contain several subsections, content links at the top can be used to skip to the section you wish to revise. Also, at the bottom of each section are a couple of sample exam questions to have a try at. These will be useful for transferring your new knowledge in to extended writing, and to practice structuring your answers in a way which will maximise your marks.

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