Logic Gates


In this section we will look at logic gates and how they are used in computing.


The circuits inside computers are made up of 'transistors' . A transistor is a small switch can allow an electric current through it or block it. When the current is allowed through, the switch is in a 1 state, when it is blocked, it is in the 0 state. All of these 1s and 0s go together to control what a computer does.

A logic gate is a visual way of drawing these transistors and explaining what they do. By using logic gates, we can visualise what is happening inside an electronic circuit and decide what is going to happen if something is in the 0 position or the 1 position.

The following link is an excellent, freely available resource produced by Cambridge Education whcih explains logic gates in the precise detail you will need for the exam. It even includes handy exam style questions at the end to test your knowledge:

Click HERE to download the resource.